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8th September 2017
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9th January 2018

Storm Damage – November 2017

Storm Damage

On 29 November severe tropical storms hit the southwest area of Sri Lanka affecting The Rainbow Centre forcing us to close due to damages to the buildings and additionally no electricity or telephones.

The damage to the area was vast with fallen trees blocking roads and crushing buildings.  Eight days after the storm first hit we have heard from all the children’s families and very happy to say that everyone is safe.  However almost all have suffered damage to the loss of roofs and kitchen areas.  The Rainbow Centre is helping to get these patched up using black plastic and metal sheets to ensure the children are sheltered.  Rain had fallen for a month before the storm so the land is very boggy  – ankle deep and polluted mud.

We are able to open the Centre again now thanks to the wonderful staff working so hard.  It is a tight squeeze with 88 children at the Centre on Friday but we are using the outside space and non damaged areas.  Piyatissa is working continuously to fix other repairs while we wait for roof sheets from Colombo and organise builders.  We still do not have a internet connection but telephones and electricity is working.

The resilience of the people affected is strong, and we thank everyone locally and abroad who have supported us during this time.