Map The Rainbow Centre provides education, welfare and loving support to children living in extreme poverty in south western Sri Lanka. It opened on December 1st 2005 after six months researching the hidden problems of street and working children in the Aluthgama area. Until the Rainbow Centre opened there was nowhere for these children to turn. The Rainbow Centre has been highly praised by Provincial Regulatory Authorities which have asked other organisations to follow the Rainbow Centre’s approach and use its work as their model.

The Rainbow Centre is run by a team of four, three of who work unpaid: Aruni Cooray, a highly dedicated social worker; Piyathissa Cooray, a retired businessman with extensive management experience; Alasdair Nagle a Chartered Accountant; and, Alison Nagle who is based in London, who travels frequently to Sri Lanka, arranges funding and oversees the operations of the Rainbow Centre. Its work is directed by business and welfare professionals both in Sri Lanka and London.

The Rainbow Centre Sri Lanka is a UK Registered Charity Number 1114933 and is regulated and monitored by the Charity Commission. The Rainbow Centre is also registered with the national government as a Non Governmental Organization and regulated by the local authorities. It continues to receive praise for its high standards of care. The Rainbow Centre is not affiliated to any religious group. It operates a nursery, pre-school, school, scholarship and vocational training programmes. It benefits from a long lease, purpose-built classrooms and excellent facilities thanks to the support of Rotary Clubs on the Isle of Wight.  Thanks to an international Rotary partnership, the Rainbow Centre also has its own school bus.