Our Work

The Rainbow Centre is a haven for children who live in appalling conditions. Its aim is to equip the children with the skills they need to break free from the poverty in which they live. Its primary focus is to enable children to access the educational system. 

The Centre operates a free pre-school, nursery and day school, and provides vocational training and scholarship programmes. It runs medical programmes for children and their families. It works to ensure, when possible, that children can enter into the mainstream school system. The Rainbow Centre is the only facility in this area for these children to turn to. It has been praised highly at national and local levels for its standard of care.

The children who come to the Rainbow Centre live on the street, in shacks or in shelters in slum areas without water, sanitation or electricity. Their parents are unable to provide them with adequate care. Without the Rainbow Centre’s intervention, these children would not be able to go to school because they would be expected to work to support their families.

The Rainbow Centre operates out of newly constructed owned premises with a large secure garden in Bentota. It provides daily care, food, education and medical treatment for about 80 children coming from an area stretching 30km from Deddowa to Beruwala. The children are brought to and from the Rainbow Centre by its own bus. It supports a further 20 underprivileged children, who are in the mainstream system with welfare, education and health care.

Without your support and compassion the Rainbow Centre would not be what it is today