Success Stories


Here are just a few examples of our success stories


Shantini, aged 21, was one of the first Rainbow Centre students. She is a remarkable pupil who attended the Rainbow day school and continues to take extra tuition classes every day after school paid for by the Rainbow Centre. As a young girl she devoted herself to her school work, often studying until three in the morning. She achieved nine O Levels, four A Levels and is currently in the process of applying to university to study accounting. She lives in a simple one room house by the main road. Her father is a labourer and her mother sells snacks on the street. She says she has seen how hard her parents have worked to support her and her motivation to succeed comes from her desire to help them.


Nirosha, aged 18, was amongst the first Rainbow Centre children to attend mainstream school at the age of five and came back to the Centre for afternoon schooling and external tuition. She is a gifted student whose flair for English is exceptional and rooted in her determination to succeed through hard work. She has passed nine O Levels and is studying for four A Levels. She attends external tuition classes six days a week, also paid for by the Rainbow Centre. None of this academic success has come easily. She lives in terrible conditions and has devoted herself to her studies, day and night. During her rare moments of spare time, she acts as a teacher at the Rainbow Centre. She plans to apply to university to do Business Studies and would like to work in finance.


Puwendran, aged 15, is a gifted artist who exhibited his work at Sri Lanka’s largest art fair in January 2017. Self-taught, his work has been celebrated and praised by visiting artists and teachers. His family subsists on his eldest sister’s income from a garment factory. His father wanted him to become a mechanic and leave school. However, Puwendran’s success at selling his paintings has convinced his father to let him continue to study art. He is going to be apprenticed and taught by one of Sri Lanka’s leading artists and is already planning a large exhibition for next year at Kala Pola, Sri Lanka's largest art fair.

Without your support and compassion the Rainbow Centre would not be what it is today