‘Do you want to have one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of your life?’

The Rainbow Centre has relied on the services of visiting volunteer teachers since its work began in 2005. So far, visiting teachers have come from Westminster Under School, Pembridge Hall School, Francis Holland School Regent’s Park, Edge Grove School, Reffley Community School, and Notting Hill Preparatory School. The Rainbow Centre’s invaluable volunteer English teacher, Harry Barron, comes out of retirement to teach for five months each year.

The Rainbow Centre relies on the expertise of visiting teachers to assist with all aspects of improving the school and to focus on teaching English.

Please contact ajanta@btinternet.com or alisonnnagle@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested.

The Rainbow Centre is also seeking a head teacher to work for an extended period and oversee all aspects of the running of the school, especially the teaching of English.

Jane Tucker, Head of PE made the following comments.

My three visits to the Rainbow Centre have undoubtedly been the most rewarding and rejuvenating experiences of my life.  The students are delightful; so eager to learn and be loved, that you cannot help but to be drawn back to the Centre again and again.  Alison, Aruni and the staff are amazing and foster such a wonderful and safe environment to tackle the complex issues surrounding the community.  I am very excited to be taking my fourth trip back to the Rainbow Centre this October, 2017.

Here is what a visiting teacher, Karen Williamson, has said.

I am a full-time primary school teacher in the UK and had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the Rainbow Centre for six weeks during the 2015 summer holidays. The project was supported by the Kings Lynn Rotary Clubs. My colleague and I stayed for the duration of the summer holidays and another two teachers assisted us for ten days. We took as many teaching and learning resources as we could in our suitcases and we used these resources to teach daily English and Phonic lessons. We also taught maths, PE, art, drama and assisted on a few school outings. Our focus was to help deliver professional development for the permanent teachers at the Rainbow Centre so they could improve their teaching and provision for the children.

I had an amazing time at the Rainbow Centre and learned so much about Sri Lanka, the children, their culture and how much I can teach - even though we don't share the same language! Teaching at the Rainbow Centre has given me so much insight into different lives and I have treasured memories which I will never forget. Aruni, Alison, the staff and the children at the Rainbow Centre are truly inspirational!

Head Teacher, Tina Humber gave the volunteer teacher programme the following endorsement.

Working in The Rainbow Centre in Sri Lanka was a great privilege and something I will never forget. It was an opportunity to see teaching, learning and living, amongst other things, in a different culture. Resources were gladly received and space was creatively used. The staff were all very welcoming and it was a pleasure to work with such dedicated individuals. I hope to visit again, as it was a home away from home. 


Without your support and compassion the Rainbow Centre would not be what it is today