The Rainbow Centre is Ten Years Old Happy New Year!

Rainbow Centre News Summer 2015
15th July 2015

The Rainbow Centre is Ten Years Old Happy New Year!

The Rainbow Centre celebrated its 10th Birthday in a two-day celebration of thanksgiving and performances by the 98 children currently under its care. The events were attended by hundreds of parents and Rainbow Centre supporters.

Rainbow Centre Patron, Jane Chilcott, wife of the former British High Commissioner, and Abbas Esufally Group Director of Hemas, were among the guests who attended the parties. Their long term, dedicated support and commitment to the success of the Centre are invaluable. Particular thanks, also, to Christine D’Alwis, one of our first donors, who continues to offer much needed expertise to the Rainbow Centre.

The Rainbow Centre 2005 – 2015

It has been a difficult journey but, at every point of the struggle, the Centre has been helped by local and international experts in their fields. The support and generosity of donors has been incredible. The list of people and organizations to which the Rainbow Centre owes thanks is enormous. Without all of this marvelous support the Centre would not have been able to continue. The Rainbow Centre offers its heartfelt thanks to all of its supporters. Your help has meant the world to the children at the Rainbow Centre. It has changed their lives.

Kumara as a baby in 2006, Kumara as a student at mainstream school now

The Rainbow Centre began in December 2005 when Aruni Cooray and Alison Nagle, who had been working with the victims of the tsunami, realized that there were children living in the local town who had no access to tsunami aid, no identity, and no hope for the future. These children slept on the street or sheltered in tin-roof huts without water and electricity and depended on begging to survive.