The Rainbow Centre is Ten Years Old Happy New Year!
16th March 2015
Summer 2016 Newsletter
26th July 2016

Rainbow Centre News Summer 2015

Our Valuable Work

The Rainbow Centre is a daily haven for children who live in extreme poverty in South Western Sri Lanka. It provides education, medical care, welfare and loving support to more than one hundred children. The Rainbow Centre’s aim is to equip children with the skills to break free from the poverty in which they live. It works to ensure that children can access the mainstream school system and succeed with their studies by providing transport, scholarships and after-school tuition. The Rainbow Centre runs medical programmes for children and their families. It operates a school, pre-school and nursery and is run like a family in which every individual is given the love and respect they deserve. The Rainbow Centre is the only facility in this area for these children to turn to and has been praised highly for the standard of its work.