Graham Family – recent fundraising Oman marathon bike ride
24th May 2017
Rainbow Centre Summer 2017 Newsletter
8th September 2017

Rainbow Centre – June 2017 update

The Dengue Outbreak

The Rainbow Centre is working hard to find the best way to protect the children and their families as they live in boggy areas which can be a breeding ground for Dengue mosquitos.  The local hospitals are barely coping with patients lying on the floor and insufficient government support.   Thankfully, none of our children or families have been affected.  It’s one of those sleepless nights’ dilemmas.

More Effects of the Flood

As a result of school closures during the worst of the rain, our children are now having to stay at school longer to make up for missed work.  Vital afternoon tuition classes are being run extremely efficiently in to ensure that the children get the necessary educational support.   Huge thanks to all the teaching staff who have gone out of their way to continue the educational drive.

Medical Camp

In July the Rainbow Centre will hold another of our medical camps with the help of a wonderful team who visited us before from, the nearest State hospital, Nagoda, and will also include a well woman clinic.


The Rainbow Centre counselling program is proving a success in many cases, for example a mother who suffered from insomnia and treated her daughter with great stress and anger, is now calm.  The mother is so grateful for the help.   In July, we will visit the counsellors in Colombo to arrange for children’s therapy to start again.  Despite being an expensive programme, the results more than outweigh the demands of funding.

Annual School Trip

The Rainbow Centre have been busy planning the annual school trip taking place in July.  The children will be taken to a sweets’ factory, the zoo and to a mini-theme park with different rides.  These are all experiences the children could only dream of and have never been to before.  Have a wonderful time!

Building Work

The garage is being converted into a vocational training centre for our older children to develop important skills for when they leave school and find work.   The children will start with knitting and basic sewing they will then work on their sewing machine skills.  We can’t wait to see their handiwork!


One of our students, Sarojini, is a highly talented garment maker working in a factory.  She is to receive a professional sewing machine so she can work from home and start selling her own clothing.  Sarojini’s already learnt how to cut and sew shirts to a high standard.  This is such an important step as she is the only source of income for her family of four whose parents are disabled.

Denstone College

The Rainbow Centre look forward to welcoming Denstone College students from Staffordshire, UK in July – the children can’t wait to greet you all and are getting ready for some friendly cricket games!