It was such a joy to go to the school today.  Unfortunately Aruni wasn't there but we met her father, the staff and the children.  I was blown away by what has been achieved and how much the children's lives have been changed.  I would love to come back with you and spend much more time. I am very excited about all the new opportunities the workshops could give the children.  Such an amazing place.  I cried seeing the little ones sleeping so peacefully under the nets.

Atalanta Georgopoulos


We have just left the Rainbow Centre and we are both moved to tears.  It is amazing place and the systemic change being created is absolutely incredible.  The older girls did a dance for us which was beautiful, and we were able to join in a class. The best and beautiful smiles we have ever received.  A complete joy!

Without your support and compassion the Rainbow Centre would not be what it is today